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    As a child, I am pretty sure I had and still have "ADHD" and as you can imagine, I struggled, with school, life balance. Never really fitting in the confines of societal norms. Being a fidgety and distracted boy I found refuge in activities (movement). Whether it be climbing trees, jumping off houses, swimming, running, biking, football, gymnastics and weight lifting to name a few...I excelled at anything physical. Academia was a struggle, not one of intelligence, but a lack of focus, organization, planning and execution. After high school, I stumbled upon Massage Therapy. Turns out I was good at it and built the foundation for becoming a:

    • Certified Personal Trainer with NASM, 
    • Graduating with honours with a BS in Health Science From Benedictine University
    • Obtaining my Doctorate from Bastyr University.
    During my time in Seattle