• Frequently Asked Questions

    How much space is required for in-home massage therapy?

    Most homes have enough space for a massage table to fit. Even small spaces work well. We may have to move a table but, has never been a problem.

    Where is the best place to massage therapy at my home?

    Massage can be performed just about anywhere. even outside if weather permits. Privacy is often recommended with a space that can be quiet.

    You get to create the environment you want.

    Do I need anything to get a massage at home?

    Just a space in which I can set up my table. Otherwise, I provide everything that is required. Given the current state of affairs, a blanket and or pillows may be required.

    Do I have to take off my clothes for a massage?

    This question depends on the type of massage you are receiving.

    This is up entirely to you. Our goal is for you to feel as comfortable as possible. We will discuss this at our first appointment if needed. 

    What is Movement Education?

    Movement education is about helping you understand how you move in your enviroment. Over the 25 years of my practice I have seen and array of poor posture and poor movement patterns that re-enforce painful patterns. The more you can do for you body the better it will serve you. Remember pain is a signal for change.

    Do you massage children?

    Yes! children often love massages. it helps to soothe their nerves, releases stress, improves sleep. Overall, makes them feel happy (so my children say). Children of all ages can get a massage. I have worked with children as young as 3, Teenagers in sport provides amazing benefits. Appointments are added with their parents for 30 min pending age. Ask more about it if interested.

    How long is a treatment?

    During your treatment, you can expect 60 or 90 mins of hands-on and education time. I do not count my assessment time which is often included in most appointments

    How many massages can you do at my house?

    I usually can accommodate 4-5 60 min appointments at a time. I love to work with families. I also offer a discount for multiple massages at one location. Ask me about it.

    Which treatment should I choose?

    If you are not sure what treatment to choose here is an easy guide for you.

    • Therapeutic Massage: If dealing with chronic or acute issues that are specific to a specific area that is not related to sport.
    • Sports Massage: Looking for sports performance, or injury prevention, sports injury etc...
    • Relaxation Massage: Stress got you down or generalized pain that may not be debilitating. 
    • Movement Coaching: Looking to change the way you move.
    Keep in mind even if you are not sure where to start just start your body will thank you and we can adjust as we need to.
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