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    Therapeutic Massage

    Is your body continuing to remind you that it's not happy? Remember pain is a sign from our nervous system for you to create change in your life. Not only can we reduce your pain, but you can also learn to find the causation and manage or eliminate it yourself.

    "Don't bury your pain resolve it."

    Sports Massage

    Whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete, aches and pains can limit or prevent you from enjoying the sports/activities you love. Not only will sports massage help to stay in the game but will support you to perform better on not only a physical but mental level as well. Often time movement coaching will me integrated with sports massage.

    "Unleash your inner athlete."

    Swedish relaxation / stress reduction massage

    Don't let the term Relaxation massage steer you away from its therapeutic benefits. You may have heard of the autonomic nervous system which consists of two parts (Parasympathetic (rest and digest) and sympathetic (fight or flight) Well, in today's day in age we are often stuck in the fight or flight system resulting in elevated levels of cortisol... Studies have shown Massage Therapy decreases Cortisol and increases Serotonin and Dopamine levels by up to 30 %.


    Did you know elevated levels of Cortisol are contributed to:

    • Weight gain 
    • Increase in pain 
    • High blood pressure 
    • Anxiety, depression 
    • Digestive issues
    • Muscle weakness, osteoporosis and more...

    "Sounds therapeutic to me."

    Movement Coaching

    Movement coaching is designed to help you understand how your movement on any given day may be contributing to your pain. Our goal is to identify these movement patterns and change them or create new ones. Remember as we age, we often forget or limit our movement patterns significantly, pain is a reminder of this. Remember a sore foot, knee or back is a signal for something to change and not always a problem in a specific location.

    Take the time to look at all of you and how you interact with the world.

    "Remember it is the journey, not the destination."

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    "All services include HST"

    • $130...60 min
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    • $65...30 min client add on only (great for child)
    • $240... Back to back massge 2 x 60 min

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  • Cancellation Policy, No Shows

    At Mobile Bodies, we value your business and your time. When you book with us we are making a commitment to guarantee your appointment time and refusing all other requests once you have made the appointment.

    • When you book an appointment, that time is set aside for you, and missed appointments prevent us from accommodating other clients. 
    • Please understand practitioners only get paid when a service is delivered.
    • Respecting one another's time is essential. 

    24-hour notice is required for all cancellations:

    • Cancellations without 24-hour notice will be charged a rate of 50% of booked service fee and must be paid prior to the follow-up appointment. 
    • No shows will be charged the full-service rate for service rendered and must be paid prior to the follow-up appointment.

    Exceptions to this rule are listed below:

    • The appointment can be filled with another client.
    • COVID-19 cancellations due to symptoms, exposure or taking care of a loved one are cancelled without question, rebooking will require 14-days or negative testing.
    • If an appointment is cancelled on behalf of Mobile Bodies for any reason you will not be charged a fee.
      • 24-hours prior to your appointment, you will receive a covid-19 questionnaire which is required to be filled out prior to your appointment. If this questionnaire is not filled out by the day of your appointment will be cancelled. 
      • Upon booking your first appointment you will be emailed an electronic intake form which must be filled out prior to your appointment. If this intake form is not complete it will have to be filled out during your appointment time. filling out this form prior to your appointment meeting will help us to serve you better. 
    • If an emergency arises, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can treat your specific situation with personal attention. We recognize that there are circumstances that are out of your control (sudden illness, family emergencies, etc.) and your therapist may make an exception to the above policies on those rare occasions.
    • Missed appointment fees are not eligible for direct billing or insurance compensation. 
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